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Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor has established himself as an expert on national politics, covering Capitol Hill and the defense industry. His writing has been seen in publications like Government Executive, C4ISR Journal, Seapower Magazine, InformationWeek, and USA Today. In addition to his published works, he is the founder of Taylor'd Reports, a company specializing in analyzing aggregating content related to the defense industry.  Contact Dan
Craig Manning
Craig is a Michigan-based freelance journalist with a special interest in music, film, technology, and publishing. His work has been published by, Film Matters Magazine, Independent Publisher, What Culture, Game Rant, and others. Contact Craig

Justin Beach
Justin Beach is an Ontario-based freelance writer and sometimes web producer. He founded the crowd-sourced music site NxEW in 2009 and remained its editor until December 2014. Justin has written for a variety of on and offline publications, in Canada, the U.S. and England, primarily on science, technology, politics, music, the arts and media. In his spare time he enjoys parenting, music, existential crises and contemplating novels he should write someday when there is more time. Contact Justin

Michael Green
Mike Green covers science and technology for KPR Media. He has been following tech policy for almost a decade now, since his first job after college as a paralegal specializing in Internet and Technology law. Other than brief stints in Boston and London, Mike is a DC-lifer, who recently betrayed his Yankee heritage by moving to Alexandria, Virginia. You can follow him on twitter at @msehrtgreen. Contact Michael

David Keup
David Keup is from Wisconsin, and has nine plus years of combined experience as a newsroom and freelance online journalist/reporter for daily and weekly newspapers, and online media publications and magazines. His passion is outdoor/wildlife photography, and keeping up and publishing two community digests in Wisconsin. Contact David

Steve DiCarlo
Steve DiCarlo is a 26-year-old graduate of Hofstra University with a degree in Creative Writing and Journalism. He lives in Torrance, California and when he isn't writing about celebrity news, he's pursuing his dream of working in the television industry. Steve recently starred in SyFy's reality series Opposite Worlds. Contact Steve

Meredith Rodefer
Meredith Rodefer studied English Writing and journalism at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Currently she is a freelance writer, who focuses on anything from lifestyle blogging to hard news, and dancer. Beyond National Monitor, she has written for sites such as and Contact Meredith

Frederick Mintchell
Frederick majored in communications at the University of Cincinnati where he worked for the school newspaper and interned for movie studios. This led me to Los Angeles where he works as a writer and editor of a local entertainment publication and for movie studios marketing films. Contact Frederick

Stephen Jordan
Jordan, 25, is an aspiring writer. Whether it is films or television, video games or comic books, short stories or novels, he wants to do it all. Writing and storytelling is his passion. Contact Stephen

Kate Ferguson
Kate Ferguson is a Los Angeles local and freelance writer for a variety of blog and magazine genres. When she's not writing, the UC Davis graduate is focused on pursuits of the entertainment industry, spin class, and hot sauce. Look for article links, updates, (and the occasional joke) on her Twitter @KateFerg or check out her personal blog Contact Kate

Gregory Baskin
Fascinated by humans and Planet Earth, Gregory Baskin is determined to get to the bottom of it all. He is a wordie, foodie, global itinerarnt and spiritual bon vivant in search of his own unified field theory. Contact Gregory

Jamie Lloyd
Jamie Lloyd holds a degree in media studies from New York University. She recently served as editor-in-chief of online content for Swish, a NYC-based LGBT non-profit organization, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Contact Jamie

Kerry Sullivan
Kerry Sullivan is a recent graduate from Boston University. She spends her time traveling the world. She currently resides in Addis Ababa. Contact Kerry

Kaela Amaral
Kaela is a small-town girl from Cape Cod, MA now living in the big city of New York. She earned her B.A. in English in 2011 and hasn't put the pen down since. Her education and writing experience to-date make her writing a fun, easy read while bringing you all the hard-hitting facts. Contact Kaela

Katharine Gripp
Katharine Gripp holds a degree in English from Vassar College, where she also studied dance and history. She currently lives in Berkeley, CA, where she spends her time pursuing a myriad of different passions. She has worked with several performing arts and writing non-profits across the country, and loves sinking her teeth (metaphorically, of course) into a good story. Contact Katharine

Sean Krainert
Sean Krainert, a native of San Francisco, crafts author's thoughts into words for the published page as a ghostwriter and specializes in moving businesses forward with tailored, targeted business documents. When he's not busy obsessing over the written word, you can find him in the kitchen teaching his young daughter the magic of creative, healthy, organic cooking. Contact Sean

Courtney Slusser
After graduating from Tisch at NYU, Courtney jumped right into the entertainment world in LA, assisting actors and earning VIP treatment at many Starbucks around town. She has written for several online publications, specializing in the wacky world of celebrities and their affinity for all things in excess. Contact Courtney

Susan Serena
Susan is a marketing and brand manager from New York who has been writing for various industries for over 10 years now. She is known for marketing campaigns, advertising, article writing, and industry guides/e-books. Her new writing focus is geared towards trending topics in addition to managing a variety of social media clientele. Contact Susan

Kevin Toghia
Kevin Toghia is a screenwriter and recent graduate from the University of California Santa Cruz. He resides in Los Angeles, Calif., where he was born and raised. For the past three years Kevin has studied playwriting and screenwriting. The foundation of his writing is built on sarcasm revolving around everyday relationships. Contact Kevin

Jose Herrera
Jose Herrera a freelance writer, blogger, and copywriter who has published many articles about news and sports. He is also an experienced English Literature and ESL teacher in Los Angeles where he taught at the secondary level for almost 11 years. He also loves to do creative writing, including poems and short stories published with various publishers. Contact Jose

Gene Johnson
As a copy editor/journalist for more than 25 years, Gene has extensive experience in online writing and research, and in interviewing celebrities, politicians, athletes, and even U.S. President Jimmy Carter. He wrote for the Los Angeles Wave Newspapers, and was honored for Best News Story in 2008. He attended San Jose State University, where he was managing editor of the Ecumemo, the periodical for the Council of Churches of Santa Clara County. Contact Gene

Rylann Watts
Rylann Watts is a freelance writer and editor with expertise in both the biomedical and environmental sciences. Her work can be seen in a variety of online and print publications including Scientific American, Nature Medicine and Science Magazine. Catch up with Rylann's latest news and projects on Twitter at @rylannwatts. Contact Rylann

Kassandra Ricci
Kassandra Ricci is a Boston-based travel and entertainment writer. When not writing, she can be found at her day job as a PR professional helping lifestyle clients. You can follow her adventures on twitter at @ksricci. Contact Kassandra